Significant Black Economist Series: Roland Gerhard Fryer Jr.

Roland Gerhard Fryer Jr. is a renown economist who is also the Henry Lee Professor of Economics at Harvard University. Fryer’s research has been widely cited in various media through his research on education reform, social interactions and police use of force. In 2007, Fryer was the youngest African-American to receive tenure at Harvard. In 2008, Fryer was listed from The Economist as one of the ...[Read More]

Significant Black Economist Series: Donald J Brown

Donald J. Brown, born on April 16, 1937 is a Professor for the Department of Economics at Yale University. Dr. Brown obtained his Ph.D. in mathematics from the Stevens Institute of Technology, and prior to that completed a Masters in physics at Pennsylvania State, and a B.A. in physics from the University of Colorado. His areas of interests when it comes to research are finance, econometrics, and ...[Read More]

Significant Black Economist Series: Glen Cartman Loury

Glenn Cartman Loury was born September 3rd 1948 in Chicago, Illinois. He received his bachelor in mathematics at Northwestern University, followed by his Ph.D in economics which he received from MIT. As well as being an economist, he is a significant public voice for socio-economic issues, a published author, and a professor. He was the first black tenured professor of economics at Harvard Univers ...[Read More]